Thursday, 13 March 2014

Importance of Java Certification Exam

How Java Certification Exam helps to my carrier?

Java Technology is the most wanted technology in IT industry. All kind of application are developed in Java now a days, even the mobile applications also developed in Java Technology. This is the reason why Java is top in industry and also Why people choose Java technology.

Why Java Certification?

All the candidate have a question about Java certification, why Java certification and what's the use of Java certification? the answer for these questions is very simple, Java certification is must to every candidate who decide to start their carrier with Java technology. Now you may ask, why it's must because this is the entry point to get you as a most wanted person in job market, this is the only thing differentiate you from the other candidates who all are not taking certification exams.

So many companies filters the candidates with this Java certification, if you finish your Java certification you have enough stuff in technology as well as you are a certified professional. The gate is open for you now, this is why i said Java certification is the key or this is the entry point to give you great opportunities.

After Oracle took over Java from Sun, the certifications conducted by Oracle only. Oracle offers the certification for all the three editions (Java SE, Java EE and Java ME). 

Java SE contains OCAJP 7, OCPJP (SCJP), OCMJD (SCJD) 6 OCAJ (SCJA) 6
Java ME contains OCPJMAD (SCMAD)

Other than OCMJEA certification OCPJP is the prerequisite for all the Java EE and Java ME certifications. Oracle offers the training course for Java certification exams. You can also find some institutions near to your place or you can get online training, You can also choose self study also. 

You can find so many materials from online, free eBooks, free mock exams and etc. Some many institutions gives the study guide with sample mock exams for commercial. EPractize Labs is also one of the leading software company provides the study guide with sample mock exams for all the Java certification exams listed in Oracle site. SCEA 5 is the first product released by EPractize Labs before 9 years and rated as good material by Java professionals. From that We provide the good material for all the Java certification exams.

From EPractize Labs Java certification Exam page you can get the full information about all the available Java certification exams. Here the following details are available for all the Java certification exams.
How to register for Exam
Exam Objective
Your certification path
Exam preparation article
Free mock exams
Study guide
Download the training lab product from EPractize Labs official site and then start your exam preparation. If you are looking the training lab for your training institute means no need to worry about that so many licenses you want to purchase and install it in all machines like that. We give you a special editions for you in client - server technology. It will help you more. We not only provide the Java certification exams preparation kit and also we provide the Online and Offline exam making tools. I welcomes you all to, come and visit our site and tell us your feedback about your experience with our products.

Thanks for reading the full article, I wish you all, all the very best for your great carrier with Java Technology.

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