Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Pass Java Certification exams

Java Certification is one of the most wanted Certification in IT industry. Getting an Java Certification will definitely help you to get a better job. When you meet a person they have Java Certification, you will notice that he or she knows something about Java technology.

1) Mentally prepare yourself: Seriously think about on why are you getting Java Certification and why do you want to be Java certified Professional. You have to firmly decide and believe that you will get any one of Java Certification which one you choose for your carrier within next 2-5 months or so. Try to spend your study time with full interests.

2) Choose the proper study material: There is lot of suggestions you get to choose your study material and some people go with study guides, books, simulators and etc. Most likely, EPractize Labs training lab is good enough for preparing for Java Certification exam. The simulators are really well designed with review slides that covers the exam objectives and sample mock exams, these mock exams helps to assess your knowledge before appear for your real exam. Make sure you got the latest version with live update messenger. This simulator will help you to practice sample questions and that will also build up your confidence. It has a free trial, so you can try first. This lets you practice all the exams one by one. Become member of coderanch forum, this is very useful for you and you will get lot of helpful answers, tips and advices from experienced professionals.

3) Approach in deep: Before start your Java Certification exam preparation with training lab simulator set your goals and set your preparation time. Then start your preparation. Learn Both the basic and advanced sessions first, these two sessions have review slides with sample programs. This will give you good knowledge in concepts. If you are successfully finished the basic and advanced sessions then you can practice with the sample questions available in these two sessions.

4) Schedule the test: You are already finish basic and advanced sessions review slides and the sample questions available in that two sessions, so it is really good to schedule the test now. Schedule now with other exam labs like Quiz exam, Mock exam and final exam.

5) Refresh: Read one more time to Refresh. This steps is optional, if you feel you are weak with some concepts and you could not perform well in mock exam then you can do this once again. Re-read all the concepts one more time (basic and advanced sessions).

6) Relax: This is the last part of your study and there is no turning back. Don’t do any studying a day before the test. It is very important to relax and get a good night sleep. If you did all the steps above and read advanced and basic sessions with intention to understand the topics you should be more than ready by now.

I hope this article give you at least some ideas on how to approach studying for Java Certification. In any case if you fail in your exam at first time, don’t get discouraged. You will have more knowledge and confidence when you attempt it the next time then the person who passed it on the first try.

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