Thursday, 1 May 2014

OCEJPAD Certification Path

This certification exam path has two major steps. They are,

STEP 1 is the Prior Certification : For this OCEJPAD exam you need to finish Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCPJP any version) as step 1. STEP 2 is nothing but passing the 1Z0-898 Exam. Once you finish this 2 steps successfully you are certified as the OCE Java Persistence API Developer.

OCPJP Certification

OCPJP Certification tests your Java SE programming experience. This is the basic level certification for Java Technologies. This exam teach you the basic knowledge of syntax and structure of the Java programming language and also give you the knowledge to create Java technology applications.

OCEJPAD Certification

OCEJPAD certification exam is designed to test your real world experience with JPA technology. This certification provides knowledge required to develop Java EE 6 Enterprise applications using JPA. JPA certification exam objective helps to get a deep knowledge in JPA related topics, It covers most of the APIs used to develop Java EE 6 Enterprise applications using JPA. If you finished your exam preparation successfully then you should get the thorough knowledge in entity design, best practices, transaction management, locking fundamentals, and security.

How to Pass OCEJPAD Certification exams

Getting an OCEJPAD Certification will definitely help you to get a better job. The following are the 6 success ways to Pass OCEJPAD Certification exams,

1) Mentally prepare yourself
2) Get the proper study material
3) Approach in deep
4) Schedule the test
5) Read one more time to refresh
6) Relax

Recommended Study Material

EPractize Labs offers Training Lab (software book) for all Oracle's Java Certification Exams that includes complete study materials and sample mock exams. OCPJP 7 Training Lab and OCEJPAD Training Lab are the two valuable materials for the above two certification exams.

Choose your certification path carefully and study some articles about exam preparation, time management, material selection and everything about certification exams after that start your exam preparation. If you start your exam preparation after getting the ideas about how to prepare yourself for certification exams, you can definitely achieve in your goal. Good Luck to all the aspirants.

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